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Instant gratification

Time to stop feeling guilty about instant noodles.

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Never fried.

Most instant noodles are not able to be made tasty without frying them in palm oil. We decided to take a different route and pre-steamed our noodles, taking out most of the fat in the dish and creating a healthier alternative to many of the leading instant ramen brands.

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Chef inspired.

We worked with the top chef innovators in the world to put together a flavor that we could not put down. We went through rounds and rounds of taste testing, searched the world for flavor combinations and ingredients to ensure that what you have in front of you is something we can be proud of.

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Real vegetables.

Most of the leading ramen brands include the vegetables inside their seasoning pack, or don't have any vegetables at all. We knew that we wanted our cup to be packed with healthy vegetables and created a separate sachet filled with a vegetable mix that perfectly complements our seasoning.

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Only the good stuff.

In addition to being packed with good stuff we strived to remove the bad stuff. No more MSG. No more artificial flavors. No more preservatives. Non-GMO. Enjoy!