Eat Good & Do Good

Our story on why we felt the world needed yet another food product

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5 years ago, we started Fishermen Labs, a technology studio that makes products for some of the most influential consumer and entertainment brands in the world (Nike, Disney, Sony, The United Nations, etc.). The concept of Common Foods was born out of a frustration with our options for fast, on the go, and tasty food that we didn’t feel guilty about. We'd go from meeting to meeting and not always have time to enjoy a real lunch, but we were getting sick of all the on the go protein bars - we wanted something that tasted like real food. Looking back on our college years, we had fond memories of all the ramen we consumed, but horror stories of the aftermath.

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Because of our passion for accessibility, we’ve committed to donate 10% of all the profits of our business for the common good. We formed a foundation where the money is going to, that is committed to helping under resourced children get access to world class education.

We hope you enjoy the noodles as much as we do, share them with a friend, and know that every noodle you buy is helping someone in need.

For the common good,
Eden and Charles

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