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The Original Chicken Flavor

Our Original Chicken Ramen was crafted by our master chef based on an authentic recipe using real ingredients.

8 Pack $2.50 / ea

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Made with real ingredients without all that unhealthy stuff.

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Mushrooms are said to increase production of vitamin D, enhance your immune system, lower cholesterol, and more magical benefits.

Green onions are said to aid in weight loss, help blood clotting, help bone and heart health and much more!

Green onions
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Onions are packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and contain cancer fighting compounds.

Carrots are said to help with eye health and weight loss and are packed with nutrients.

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Spinach is said to help with asthma prevention, digestive regularity, and help with healthy skin and hair.

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Never fried.
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Real vegetables.
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Chef inspired.
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Only the good stuff.
  • 220 Calories
  • 2g Total Fat
  • 1180mg Sodium
  • 6g Protein
  • 350
  • 14g
  • 1500mg
  • 6g
* Based on average values from Maruchan, Nissin, and Nongshim.

Undisputed Victor

We challenge you to give Common Foods Craft Ramen a try. We think the taste is irresistible and the numbers speak for themselves.

For the Common Good

Because of our passion for accessibility, we’ve committed to donate 10% of all the profits of our business for the common good.